There’s a load of spam getting through to my mac/icloud email address today. It seems like someone has turned off the filters.

I spent some time today learning a bit about Hugo after several mentions here. I managed to download and install it on my mac all via the terminal which was quite satisfying.

Switched themes temporarily to Sempress and it doesn’t send the gravitar image to Twitter with Bridgy. It must be some code in the Independent Publisher theme but I wouldn’t know where to start looking.

A question for anyone who uses the Bridgy plugin for Wordpress. How do you stop it sending the website icon/image as part of tweets?

MotionX Poker. This was one of the first and best apps I ever bought for iPhone. It hasn’t been updated in years but still plays without any warnings.

Much enthused by IndieWeb ideals but I wouldn’t know one line of code from another. If there isn’t a Wordpress plugin for something then I’m at a bit of a loss.

The Post Kinds plugin effect looks fine in Safari but adds ugly grey lines in other browsers which I only noticed tonight. I’ve deactivated it again.

I’ve just about had it with third party complications on the Apple Watch. They work/don’t work, appear/don’t appear. Totally unreliable.

It’s local election day here in the UK and I’ve cast my vote without much enthusiasm. The local campaigns were a bit overshadowed by the looming monster of the General Election in June . I’m not looking forward to that.