I’ve been feeling run down after a bout of flu but made it out to see Yes tonight on their 50th anniversary tour. Really enjoyed it. I’d managed to avoid set list spoilers so there were a couple of nice surprises in there. 🎶

This winter has outstayed it’s welcome. My favourite times of the year are when you can feel the seasons changing. No sign of spring yet.

Time to accept that whenever The Producers is in TV listings it’s going to be the inferior remake and not the classic Zero Mostel/ Gene Wilder version.

One of the many things I like about micro.blog is the lack of animated gifs in the timeline. I hope it stays this way.

I’ve been using Feedbin for a couple of years. Just noticed that if you go into settings you can see a graphical representation of how often a feed updates. I’ve used that to unsubscribe from a lot of inactive sites and made my list much more manageable.

Just watched a really good history of the Sunset Strip. Lots of music and bad behaviour. When I visited in 2004 on holiday the place was deserted.

I’ve never tried dictation on my phone before. Doing it right now and it seems to work flawlessly. Even with my Scottish accent and speaking at my usual rate of knots. I’m very impressed.

You can tell a new social network is maturing when you find discussions on the ins and outs of the musical career of Steven Wilson.

It’s time to turn off auto-renew for Evernote premium. I only use it for importing Kindle highlights from Clippings.io now and free is good enough for that.

I can’t remember who posted about doing a morning sketch of their teacup/coffee mug but I’m going to do the same for all of February.

I bought this Japanese fountain pen years ago based entirely on its look. Unfortunately it’s too small in my hand to be used comfortably for any length of time so I just take it out now and again to gaze at it and make sure it still works.