🎧 The Tower by Motorpsycho is a phenomenal album. I want to go and buy everything they’ve ever recorded now.

One of the nice little bonuses of Amazon Prime is having every season of Seinfeld at the touch of a button. I still love it but wonder how today’s audiences would take it.

I tried to hold off but I’ve just ordered an iPhone X. The O2 Recycle price on my 7 meant I could pay off the contract and get a 64GB space grey version. The larger memory models were out of stock and not due in for weeks but I can get by on 64GB. Should be here tomorrrow.

Tyding up and I found this. Another exhibit in my old tech museum. You plugged it into an iPod and it transmitted music to a nearby radio.

Micro.blog Photo Challenge Day 1: #squares. Ceiling lights, Argentum app, double exposure. I had to go a bit abstract for this one.

Great show by Dweezil Zappa and band in Glasgow tonight. I don’t think the set list had any Zappa songs beyond the mid 70s which was fine by me.

I’m getting errors using OwnYourSwarm on my site. Checkins with a photo are posting to Wordpress with a 1970 date and linking to non-existent pages. It didn’t do that before.

The common cold I thought I had seems to have been a bit more. I’ve had no energy for about a week and I just feel like I’m getting my strength back now. There seems to be a lot of nasty stuff going around.